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Muthopay is a technology company solving payments problems for ambitious Bangladeshi entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help businesses in Bangladesh become profitable, envied, loved and thrive across borders!


Powering Future Bangladesh : From $300B Economy To $700B Economy

Bangladesh is a country of some 180 Million with 98 million internet users its growth has always been based on 7 million small businesses. Bangladesh is a $300 Billion economy and in 15 years it will be an economy of $700 Billion. We have 62 banks and yet only 25% of entire population has a bank account. In 15 years most of the local banks won't be here. We are building a new generation financial services company to address the need of the present and future. SMEs are the growth engines of Bangladesh, we are here to empower those SMEs, expecially female led. Join us.

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